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Re: Mass rebuild: Rebuild your packages for fc6

Once upon a time Paul Howarth wrote:
> Roland Wolters wrote:
> > Once upon a time Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> >> As of this mornings cvs checkout seed, there are still 976 extras
> >> packages that need to be rebuilt for fc6. That puts things at around
> >> 56% done.
> >
> > $ cvs update
> > [...]
> > cvs update: warning: ktorrent/devel/needs.rebuild was lost
> > U ktorrent/devel/needs.rebuild
> >
> > Please submit better description of how to handle this problem.
> > http://www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras/UsingCvsFaq
> > does not list more information as far as I see.
> rm needs.rebuild
> cvs remove needs.rebuild
> cvs commit needs.rebuild
Thanks for the info.

Any specific reason why this was *not* mentioned in the description about the 
rebuild process?
Or that this was not mentioned in the CVS faq which is meant to explain all 
cvs stuff for people who are not used to it?

Nothing worth having comes easy.

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