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Re: Mass rebuild: Rebuild your packages for fc6

Once upon a time Josh Boyer wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-09-07 at 20:10 +0200, Roland Wolters wrote:
> > Thanks for the info.
> >
> > Any specific reason why this was *not* mentioned in the description about
> > the rebuild process?
> It was probably assumed maintainers already knew how to use CVS.
Why do you assume that? The whole contributor page lists a step by step howto 
for using the CVS. The only source mentioned to get help with CVS it the 
already mentioned link.
And this link, additionally, gives a step by step howto about using cvs. All 
over all someone gets pretty fast the idea that you in fact do not have to 
know anything else about cvs.

If this knowledge is needed to be a contributor here it should be mentioned 

> > Or that this was not mentioned in the CVS faq which is meant to explain
> > all cvs stuff for people who are not used to it?
> Probably an oversight.  Feel free to add it to the CVS faq wiki page.
No. I do not have the detailed knowledge to improve the CVS faq because I do 
not even know enough to help myself (as you have noticed) and therefore I am 
not the best person to help others with the same problem. Additionally [1] 
(section "Be careful when editing key guides") is pretty clear about working 
on key guides. As a beginner you are supposed to ask others.


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-- Homer Simpson

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