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I've started a rough outline for a PHP SIG on the wiki ("started" == "a shameless rework of the Perl SIG"). Recently, with the adoption of the PHP Packaging Guidelines and a PEAR .spec template, PHP extensions are now much easier to get into FE, and will soon be followed by PHP-based applications that depend on these extensions. Like all the other SIGs, I hope this to end up being a central location to coordinate our PHP-related efforts from here moving forward, to be a group of co-maintainers, and just to keep more watchful eyes on all our PHP packages.

Anyone and everyone who is interested in helping go add your name to the wiki and populate the page with all the rest of the relevant information that I'm not aware of. Also, anyone who has a passing interest in seeing some neat PHP application work its way into Fedora Extras, drop your requests into the wiki as well.

All feedback is welcome!

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