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Re: We are evaluating building packages from Fedora Extras for RHEL


> OK, this means testing.  Obviously it would be best to test packages
> for RHEL (and CentOS) by *actually* using them on RHEL (and CentOS)
> and seeing what happens.  So, how about some sort of arrangement
> where:
>   maintainers can, if they want to and perhaps per some 
>   approval process, get a no-cost RHEL licence in return 
>   for doing the normal maintainer testing, debugging, etc. 
>   for (some of?) their package(s) on RHEL.

Again, the problem is not so much if it works and works happily under
RHEL/CentOS, but the QA/QC expected of a commercial product. Me, I am
happy to have the no-cost RHEL licence, a copy of the distro and some
RedHat freebies (come on, there has to be something!), but would be
looking at some form of indemnification from RH should something get
through which causes problems for the commercial client. I don't mind
carrying the can for stuff I do in FE, but would have qualms for the


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