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Re: We are evaluating building packages from Fedora Extras for RHEL

On 9/10/06, nodata <fedora nodata co uk> wrote:
Wow. That's quite a sweeping change.

We've gone from a group of pro-Fedora users providing free additional
software to other free users of Fedora, to providing Extras packages to
paying customers.

There are many people that use enterprise environments like CentOS
that don't pay a dime.  Its important to note that not everyone will
be wanting to create branches.

I would argue that those that aren't using these products, something
RHELish, probably shouldn't branch their packages due to support
issues.  Though co-maintainership could help negate issues that would
come up here.  It's been my experience that sysadmins that use 3rd
party repo's like Karan's extras rebuilds either A) know what they're
committing themselves to or B) aren't in an environment that it would

What these more enterprise repo's might turn into is anyones guess but
in the meantime there's a demand for them.  I don't mean to discourage
anyone from participating but I'd like to emphasize that it is a
community volunteer project.  I have no issues submitting my packages
for use by those people that use RHEL or CentOS as I am one of those
people, I use both.


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