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Re: We are evaluating building packages from Fedora Extras for RHEL

On Sun, Sep 10, 2006 at 10:02:24PM +0200, nodata wrote:
> "Extras for RHEL" will provide value to Red Hat Enterprise Linux
> customers. It's doesn't matter if the CentOS users install the Extras
> packages too, that's a side issue to my point.
> If Fedora Extras contributors are providing this extra value to RHEL,
> what is in it for them? Simple question.

I would have the exact same motivation that I have for supporting
Fedora to begin with...  I use it, and my clients use it.

Like I mentioned before, I *really* like the idea of using the regular
Fedora infrastructure to build packages for RHEL (and company).  Not
only is it likely to help a lot of people out, it makes using those
distributions a lot less painful for me (and my clients).

Steven Pritchard - K&S Pritchard Enterprises, Inc.
Email: steve kspei com             http://www.kspei.com/
Phone: (618)398-3000               Mobile: (618)567-7320

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