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Re: We are evaluating building packages from Fedora Extras for RHEL

nodata wrote:
Am Sonntag, den 10.09.2006, 16:06 -0500 schrieb Josh Boyer:
So what's in it for Extras contributors that want to package stuff for
Enterprise Extras?  Exactly what they get for packaging stuff for

With one big difference - Fedora Core is free, and RHEL is not.

Um, no.  *You can't take free software and make it not free*

The difference is Fedora has community driven support, and RHEL has contract driven support. Red Hat offers support contracts to guarantee certain levels of support for certain amounts of time. For example, Red Hat still offers support for RHEL 2.1. I just spent a lot of time working on solving issues for this platform, even though I personally don't use it. See if you'll find me caring to support FC1 or FC2 at this point, though, both of which are newer than RHEL 2.1. You won't and I'm not obligated to do so for any of my packages. That's the value that Red Hat provides: support. Please don't mistake charging for support with charging for software. This is why distros such as CentOS can exist. The software is free; they are simply redistributing it without the support contracts that Red Hat offers.


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