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Re: We are evaluating building packages from Fedora Extras for RHEL

On 9/10/06, nodata <fedora nodata co uk> wrote:
If Fedora Extras contributors are providing this extra value to RHEL,
what is in it for them? Simple question.

This question saddens me greatly for several reasons. Primarily
because its about a subtle a flamebait question as barbed wired is a
dental floss.  For shame.  Are you sure you aren't a writer for OsNews
or some other online "news" abomination who is delibrately ttying to
astroturf for their own article?

Secondarily, the question is on its face unanswerable in an
authoritative manner.  Particular people will "voluinteer" to help
matain these additional packages builds or not for their own
particular personal reasons... just as particular people choose to
volunteer to help build fedora packages or not.  You can only answer
the question you have posed before the projecct is in operation  with
hypothetical maybes.. which lead to nothing but pedantic navel gazing
arguments over the general value of the opprotunity.

All that should matter to me or to you, as a community members,  is
that there is an obvious demand for these packages in the community
and there are people in the community who are interested in doing the
work.  You and I are free to either participate in this or we are free
to let it evolve without our help. But we are not free to do is to
publicly nitpick their motivations.  To spend time doing this is to
squander community good will.

I personally have absolutely no interest in maintaining the builds for
enterprise or other downstream distros that I'm not actually using at
present, so I'm not going to comment on how this project should be
organized, nor will I gainsay the interest and motivations of the
people who want to get this off the ground.  If this initial group are
successful enough, there will be a time when they will actively
recruit for additional help and will articulate  the benefits of
participation based on common shared experience.  Right now you either
see this as a good use of your personal time or not. If you do, then
there is enough information here to get you connected with other like
minded people. But if you don't, then you need to keep your mouth shut
and let the first group of people work on it as a cohesive unit.

-jef"this is just one more step towards building a larger coordinated
fedora-based ecosystems of distributrions.  If this works with
enterprise oriented distros, the policies and processes maybe
extendable to other niche fedora-based distros"spaleta

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