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Re: We are evaluating building packages from Fedora Extras for RHEL


I, for one, very much like the idea of an "Enterprise Extras" (or whatever the
naming ends up as). However, the hurdle I envision is that of co-maintainers
for "Enterprise Extras" and Fedora Extras, respectively. That is, FE is
currently entirely voluntary in that maintainers are only asked to contribute
as much as they are able in terms of time, code, documentation, translations,
et al.

Yet, many of our contributors do not use RHEL/CentOS and would not be able to
support their packages on it. Thus, we would not branch our Extras CVS for it.
Alas, there are probably many others who *do* use RHEL/CentOS and would like to
hve these packages maintained for them. Would there be someway to distinguish
that seperate people maintain the RHEL branch(es) than do the Fedora branch(es)?

For example, I currently do not use RHEL or any of its no-cost derivates, so I
would be quite unable to support Scribes or Openbox or other of my packages on
it. But, say that John Doe Contributor actively used RHEL at home and at his
workplace (due to its warranty support via paid-for contractual obligations),
and he really liked Scribes. Could he go through the new contributor process and
whatnot and maintain just the RHEL branch(es)?

Peter Gordon (codergeek42)
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