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Re: Fedora Extras rebuild for FC6 reminder nagmails

Christian Iseli schrieb:
> Yesterday night, I sent 114 nagmails to people who still have packages
> to rebuild.

Thx for your work. Can we have a short public summary somewhere, too?

> [...]
> For the time being, I have excluded the noarch packages from the
> nagmails (because I've seen several cvs commits removing the
> needs.rebuild file for noarch packages without a rebuild)

Well, we IMHO need to check them (e.g. look at the commit messages and
let the script run on the noarch packages in the repo) -- we don't do
the mass-rebuild only for the gcc and binutil changes, we also want to
make sure all stuff still builds on FC6 and with the new reduced set of
packages installed in the default buildroot.

> [...]
> I'll do a second pass at the end of the week.

/me wonders if a second one by mid-week would be a better idea.


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