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Re: Would like to import CORE into Fedora (naming problem)

Laurent Rineau wrote:
During the review of CGAL¹ (bug #199168), a problem was raised by Ralf C.: the first version of CGAL-devel was shipping CORE², a dependency of CGAL. That library installs its headers into /usr/include/CORE/* and Ralf said that the name "CORE" is too general for an inclusion into FE.

Even if the official reviewer of my request accepted the package as-is, with CORE shipped, I eventually decided to remove the CORE library from CGAL, for the moment. However, without CORE, a few features of CGAL are not enabled (the exact geometrical kernel needs CORE).

I would like to have your opinion on the two following questions:
1/ Is a directory named /usr/include/CORE/ (uppercase) is acceptable in Fedora Extras?

How about moving it up to /usr/include/CGAL/CORE, for example. Then it's "only" a matter of patching the Makefile.am files and running 'autoreconf' (hmm, is it automake/conf based ?).


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