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Re: Would like to import CORE into Fedora (naming problem)

Matthias Saou schrieb:
> Laurent Rineau wrote :
>> During the review of CGAL¹ (bug #199168), a problem was raised by Ralf C.: the 
>> first version of CGAL-devel was shipping CORE², a dependency of CGAL. That 
>> library installs its headers into /usr/include/CORE/* and Ralf said that the 
>> name "CORE" is too general for an inclusion into FE.
> So, you want to include Core in Extras, right? :-)


> More seriously, you should probably get the FESCO to answer that one...

I'd be glad if situations like this could be discussed and solved
completely in the community, e.g. on this list.  FESCo members can
always jump in if they don't like a particular conclusion or idea how a
problem like this can be solved.

In other words: I think FESCo only should get involved if there is a
real need to. And I don't think that's the case here.


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