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Self-Introduction: Peter Gordon

So, I realized that I never properly introduced myself to this community and
other package maintainers. I just started posting stuff to Bugzilla several
months ago and - voilá - here I am with CVS access and maintaining several cool
little packages in Extras, as well as lending general support where I can on
the lists and forums.  I don't know if this is even required anymore, but as I
wish to be a more involved member of the community, I feel it appropriate that
I send this even if not. Here I go then...

Full legal name: Peter Alan Gordon

I am from Anaheim, California and am a full-time 3rd-year college student
majoring in computer science (with a possible double-major in mathematics).
Aside from my studies, I also have a full-time job handling inventory control
duties for a microelectronics research & development firm in Costa Mesa.

What are my goals in the Fedora Project? That's a rather difficult question to
answer lightly. Truth be told, I simply want to help make better it wherever I
can: packaging and maintaining cool Free software in Extras (especially games
and GNOME-ish things), hunting down and trying to resolve bugs I may find,
helping keep the Wiki updated, QA on various things which I use, community
engagement, etc. (If I may say so, I *love* the fact that it's all based on a

My historical qualifications are verily not so immense as others here. I have
no major projects that I have worked on. I have a baby project called FreeBB
that I am currently working on, though. (No, it's not dead! I assure you!) It
intends to be an alternative Free (both as in "no cost" and GPL'd) forum system
for the WWW created with an utmost focus on security and good software design
practices. I am also a moderator on the several of the Developer Shed forums
[1], and am a global moderator on the Gentoo Linux discussion forums [2]. I've
been using GNU/Linux for nearly four years now (about three years with it as my
primary and only operating system).

In terms of languages and things, I'm fluent in both English (en) and Spanish
(es); and I'm quite proficient with scripting in PHP, Python (not so much), and
GNU Bash. As well, I also enjoy writing small console-based utilities in C/C++.

Why should I be trusted in the Fedora Project? Hmmm. Another tricky question...
I don't know of any special reason, truly. As a long-time moderator on several
forums and contributing member of 20+ electronic mailing lists and forums,
though, I believe I've learned (and continue to learn!) a lot about how
the F/OSS community works and can aide it in its quest for world
domina...-err...I mean Freedom and Ease for users. ^_^

GnuPG Key Information:
[peter tuxhugger ~]$ gpg --fingerprint 0xFFC19479
pub   1024D/FFC19479 2006-03-15
      Key fingerprint = DD68 A414 56BD 6368 D957  9666 4268 CB7A FFC1 9479
uid                  Peter Gordon (codergeek42) <peter thecodergeek com>
uid                  Peter Gordon (Gentoo Staff) <codergeek42 gentoo org>
sub   4096g/280CA146 2006-03-15

[1] http://forums.devshed.com/
[2] http://forums.gentoo.org/

Peter Gordon (codergeek42)
GnuPG Public Key ID: 0xFFC19479 / Fingerprint:
  DD68 A414 56BD 6368 D957 9666 4268 CB7A FFC1 9479
My Blog: http://thecodergeek.com/blog/

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