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Re: Some bad news (well.. maybe)

Peter Gordon wrote:
> Michael J. Knox wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> I am regrettably going to be with drawning my packaging efforts post
>> Fedora Core/Extras 6.
>> I am now working 2 jobs and have little time for my, soon to be wife,
>> let alone Fedora.
> Sad to see you leave us for the moment, Michael. Best of wishes for your
> marriage and jobs. (You'll be rejoining us eventually, right? :O)

Thanks. Yes, thats the intention, once things have returned to "normal"
(whatever that is) I hope to get back into it.

>> I will complete the packages I have that are required for FE6
>> (HelixPlayer and gdk-pixbuf). Once Fedora Core/Extras 6 is released, I
>> will put all my packages up on the orphans wiki page.
> I am quite a huge fan of AbiWord, and that uses ots. May I take ownership
> of it when you go, then? Thanks.

Sure thing! Feel free to claim it when ever you like.


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