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mono problem on the buildsys for ppc (rawhide)?


I've submitted nant-0.85-9 to the buildsys and it seems to be falling
down when building for the ppc


It builds fine on x86 and x86_64. The problem looks to be that mono
itself is in the wrong directory for the ppc. 1.1.17-2 should have
everything in /usr/lib64 on the ppc, but it seems to be under /usr/lib

Can someone with access to the buildsys or a ppc running rawhide with
mono-1.1.17-2 installed please confirm that I've not gone insane and
that the buildsys mono has a problem. I can then wobble off and file it
with the big red lizard so the maintainer can gnash his teeth over
another bug report ;-p


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