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Re: Cross-compilers.

On Sun, 2006-07-23 at 08:15 -0400, David Woodhouse wrote:
> How much interest would there be in getting a bunch of cross-compilers
> into Extras? 

Starting with binutils.... at http://david.woodhou.se/binutils.spec
there's a specfile based on the current Core package which lets you
build cross-binutils with for example 
	--define "binutils_target i686-fedora-linux"

That approach lets us track the Core package directly, and I think is
sanest. What I'm not sure of, however, is how we actually deal with that
when building for Extras. Is there a simple way we can build it multiple
times with multiple definitions of %binutils_target, or would we have to
import it all into multiple directories in CVS with the requisite
one-line change and then build each one normally?

Another possibility is that we could make a single SRPM spit out _all_
the $ARCH-fedora-linux-binutils binary packages, building them all in a
loop. But that might involve diverging even more from the Core specfile,
which wouldn't be ideal.

On the other hand, if we have to postprocess the Core specfile when we
export it from Core to Extras anyway, perhaps we could have a scripted
way of converting it to build multiple packages too?

Suggestions on a postcard to...


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