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arch: needs.rebuild removed, but no new packages in the repo (Was: Re: Updated list)

Thorsten Leemhuis schrieb:
> Robert Marcano schrieb:
> Here is an updated list:

And here a list of arch packages where the needsign file was removed, 
but the files in the repo are still older than Aug 27:

andreas.bierfert_AT_lowlatency.de  dillo                           0.8.6-2.fc6
andreas.bierfert_AT_lowlatency.de  libpolyxmass                    0.9.0-6.fc5
andreas.bierfert_AT_lowlatency.de  libpqxx                         2.6.6-1.fc6
danken_AT_cs.technion.ac.il        bidiv                           1.5-3.fc5
danken_AT_cs.technion.ac.il        hspell                          1.0-4.fc6
dennis_AT_ausil.us                 knetworkmanager                 0.1-0.3.svn20060809.fc6
fedora_AT_christoph-wickert.de     xfce4-weather-plugin            0.4.9-6.fc6
gauret_AT_free.fr                  amarok                          1.4.1-3.fc6
gauret_AT_free.fr                  basket                          0.5.0-5.fc5
michael_AT_knox.net.nz             gdk-pixbuf                      0.22.0-30.fc6
orion_AT_cora.nwra.com             libsynaptics                    0.14.6b-2.fc6
paul_AT_all-the-johnsons.co.uk     anjuta-gdl                      0.6.1-4.fc6
paul_AT_all-the-johnsons.co.uk     brandy                          1.0.19-3.fc6
paul_AT_all-the-johnsons.co.uk     libdsk                          1.1.9-1.fc6
paul_AT_city-fan.org               libpng10                        1.0.20-3.fc6
petersen_AT_redhat.com             scim-bridge                     0.1.12-1.fc6
splinux_AT_fedoraproject.org       gdmap                           0.7.5-4.fc6
splinux_AT_fedoraproject.org       glipper                         0.89-3.fc6
splinux_AT_fedoraproject.org       gnubiff                         2.2.2-1.fc6
splinux_AT_fedoraproject.org       musicbox                        0.2.3-3.fc6
steve_AT_silug.org                 tuxpaint                        0.9.15b-1.fc6
tagoh_AT_redhat.com                paps                            0.6.6-6.fc6
tcallawa_AT_redhat.com             ebtables                        2.0.8-0.5.rc1.fc6

As always: Might contain some false positives. But it looks like the
script detected most of above list correctly. 


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