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Re: Cross-compilers.

On Mon, 2006-09-18 at 07:39 +0200, Enrico Scholz wrote:
> dwmw2 infradead org (David Woodhouse) writes:
> > Starting with binutils.... at http://david.woodhou.se/binutils.spec
> > there's a specfile based on the current Core package which lets you
> > build cross-binutils with for example
> > 	--define "binutils_target i686-fedora-linux"
> Some thoughts (which were brought in other postings already):
> * for binutils, at least '--enable-targets=%{_host}' should be added to
>   make e.g. stripping of binaries possible by setting %_strip to the
>   cross-strip.

It certainly does no harm to do this -- but when would I want to strip
_native_ binaries with i386-fedora5-linux-strip?

> * for binutils, there would be an alternative approach to build them
>   with '--enable-targets=all' to create a set of utilities (strip,
>   objdump, ...) which work for all architectures

>   With this method, only assembler and linker must be created separately
>   for every arch.

Yeah, that's actually the reason I abandoned the binutils-multi approach
-- since we have to build the separate packages anyway, and the user has
to _install_ the separate packages anyway, I figured we might as well
not be poking around in the _Core_ binutils package to enable all

On the other hand, if Jakub would be happy with --enable-targets=all,
and we switch to generating only gas and ld on the non-native
architectures, that would be a way to reduce the duplication when we end
up with a lot of cross-toolchains installed. It does make the basic
install bigger though, for those who aren't using cross-toolchains. 

I haven't looked recently at how _much_ it bloats the basic install.


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