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Re: Problem with Kadu themes

On Mon, 18 Sep 2006 18:46:19 +0200, Michał Bentkowski wrote:

> Hi!
> Recently I decided to split my kadu package to kadu and kadu-theme.
> Before, themes were made by kadu spec and they were updated each time
> I released new kadu version - it was unnecessary. To avoid these not
> needed updates themes are now created by separate spec.
> But now there is a problem with yum update.
> `yum update kadu` causes following message:
> Error: Missing Dependency: kadu = 0.5.0-0.7.20060808svn.fc5 is needed
> by package kadu-theme-nuvola16
> Error: Missing Dependency: kadu = 0.5.0-0.7.20060808svn.fc5 is needed
> by package kadu-theme-emots

> But never versions of them are available in repo, `yum list kadu-theme\*`
> Installed Packages
> kadu-theme-crystal16.x86_64              0.5.0-0.7.20060808svn. installed
> kadu-theme-crystal22.x86_64              0.5.0-0.7.20060808svn. installed
> kadu-theme-emots.x86_64                  0.5.0-0.7.20060808svn. installed
> kadu-theme-gg6_compatible.x86_64         0.5.0-0.7.20060808svn. installed
> kadu-theme-glass16.x86_64                0.5.0-0.7.20060808svn. installed
> kadu-theme-glass22.x86_64                0.5.0-0.7.20060808svn. installed
> kadu-theme-nuvola16.x86_64               0.5.0-0.7.20060808svn. installed
> kadu-theme-nuvola22.x86_64               0.5.0-0.7.20060808svn. installed
> Available Packages
> kadu-theme-crystal16.noarch              0.5.0-2.fc5            extras
> kadu-theme-crystal22.noarch              0.5.0-2.fc5            extras
> kadu-theme-glass16.noarch                0.5.0-2.fc5            extras
> kadu-theme-glass22.noarch                0.5.0-2.fc5            extras
> kadu-theme-nuvola16.noarch               0.5.0-2.fc5            extras
> kadu-theme-nuvola22.noarch               0.5.0-2.fc5            extras

You've switched from non-noarch to noarch (or vice versa), which confuses
package resolvers (why exactly, I always forget - but it would make sense
if it were because both package types could coexist nicely). This is a
thing packagers should avoid like the plague. I get the same broken deps
on i386 when I run

  sudo yum install kadu-theme-nuvola16

but no such problems when I do

  sudo yum install kadu-theme-nuvola16.noarch

What I can do at the repository level is to get rid of any old non-noarch
rpms. I believe that is enough to "fix" it.

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