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Re: Mock and the [groups] files

On Mon, 2006-09-18 at 13:01 -0700, John Villalovos wrote:
> I am looking for documentation on how to create the directory
> structure that the [groups] entry point to when using Mock? I would
> like to use Mock to build some packages for CentOS 4.4 but I am unsure
> on how to create the files that the [groups] entry points to.
> So in the one for Fedora Core 5 I see:
> buildroots.xml
> buildsys-macros-5-2.fc5.noarch.rpm
> buildsys-build-0.5-1.noarch.rpm
> buildsys-macros-5-2.fc5.src.rpm
> buildsys-build-0.5-3.fc5.noarch.rpm
> repodata/
> I found the spec file to create a buildsys-build rpm.  Though not sure
> if it is as simple as doing an rpmbuild -ba buildsys-build.spec, while
> running on CentOS 4.4
> But after that I am kind of lost.

You don't really need the xml file any more, as mock defaults to using
buildsys-build to populate the root; the xml file was there to create
the package groups that were used in older versions of mock.

A simple build of the buildsys-build package may not be sufficient,
since it requires the buildsystem macros to be set correctly. You could
do this manually on the rpmbuild command line. You'll also need a
buildsys-macros package for CentOS 4/RHEL4 that sets the %{rhel} and
%{dist} macros appropriately.

You could build these yourself, but here are some I prepared earlier:
I use the "rhel4" packages for CentOS 4.x builds.


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