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Re: automatic way to determine non-legacy branches?

On Mon, 2006-09-18 at 17:52 -0700, Chris Weyl wrote:
> Hey all--
> Is there a way to determine (aka at a script level) what branches are
> not currently legacy?  If not, maybe we could put a "current-branches"
> file in the common module, with:
> FC-5
> devel
> as the contents?  As time goes on, we'd add FC-6, then drop FC-5, etc,
> etc, but this would be a good way for a script to determine which
> branches are legacy or not.

I don't know of anyplace this information is kept currently.  In the
future it will be in the package database (some branches will be active,
some inactive.)

Depending on what you're planning to do with this information, one
wrinkle may be what to do with co-maintained branches or branches that
are only used if additional requirements are met (ie: EPEL branches will
only exist if someone has vlunteered to maintain them and should only be
built by that volunteer.)


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