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Re: add FE-Legal to ReviewGuidelines

On Wed, 9 Aug 2006, Ville Skyttä wrote:

You are not. In this particular case, I have asked other FESCO members in January, discussed with some of them on IRC about it later (getting comments like "legal doesn't deal with issues like that" without getting an answer to "well, who to contact, then?"), and a month or so ago pinged Max Spevack after his clarification [0] who to contact about legal issues. He quickly ack'd the ping, but I haven't heard back since. Max, any news about this one?

<rant> I've also tried some other channels than the above over time in other cases, including the official ones whatever they were at the time, but pretty much consistently failed to get answers :( </rant>


I apologize for the length of time that these issues sit unresolved. I will speak to Mark Webbink and ask him who on our staff can give us time to clear out everything on FE-Legal as soon as possible.


Max Spevack
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