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txukart -> supertuxkart, new package?


A group of developers has recently picked up tuxkart and called the resulting improved version supertuxkart.

As such I would like to upgrade the tuxkart currently in FE to their supertuxkart version.

Now the easiest way todo this is to just leave it called tuxkart and drop in the new sources (and adjust patches, etc, bla). This has 2 disadvantages though:
1) people explicitly seeking for supertuxkart will not find it
2) I need to be creative with the version no (no big problem there)

My main concern is 1) which makes one wish we had package aliases :)
I could partially fix 1 by providing supertuxkart, so that yum install supertuxkart will work. But that won't fix yum list.

The alternative is to submit a new supertuxkart package which obsoletes tuxkart, question will this cause automatic upgrades of tuxkart to supertuxkart?

Anyways I'm not sure which path is the best to follow, hence this mail.



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