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Re: txukart -> supertuxkart, new package?

Hans de Goede wrote :

> My main concern is 1) which makes one wish we had package aliases :)
> I could partially fix 1 by providing supertuxkart, so that yum install 
> supertuxkart will work. But that won't fix yum list.

You can simply "Provides: supertuxkart = %{version}-%{release}".

> The alternative is to submit a new supertuxkart package which obsoletes 
> tuxkart, question will this cause automatic upgrades of tuxkart to 
> supertuxkart?

This would definitely be best. Don't forget to obsolete the last known
version of tuxkart which seems to be 0.4.0-5.fc6 with :

Obsoletes: tuxkart < 0.4.0-6

(release is higher, that way you "catch" any dist tag)

Now the real question is : Do you need to go through the new package
submission process? I'm afraid the easiest would be to do so...

Don't forget to "retire" tuxkart properly (dead.package file etc.).


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