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General notes about mass rebuild fallout status

Just a few general notes about mass rebuild removal status, other
reports will follow soon:

There have been a bunch of rebuilds without *any* changes to owners.list
in CVS or OrphanedPackages in wiki, and some of those done by people who
have AFAICT not announced that they'd be interested in taking something
over nor are the former maintainers of the packages in question.  Some
of these have left needs.rebuild behind, some not.  (Note: this is
different from the ok practice some have taken by announcing the
intention to take over something, adding themselves to initialcclist in
owners.list and kicking a rebuild.)

Unless packages are unorphaned for real, all these rebuilds are
effectively no-ops - all packages that remain orphaned will be
(re-)removed from the repo before FC6 anyway.

Additionally, some packages that were removed due to not being taken
care of before the deadline have been sneakily rebuilt without any trace
in CVS (no EVR bump, no changelog, needs.rebuild still there),
owners.list, Wiki or anything - still in orphaned status.  Please don't
do that.  These have re-entered the package repo in tonight's push, but
have been already re-removed from the package set which will be pushed
next.  The packagers in question have been notified.

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