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Re: Packages with dependencies to removed mass-rebuild ones

Aurelien Bompard <gauret    > writes:
> > amarok
> > amarok-visualisation
> I'm taking over libifp as a dependency of Amarok. Please don't remove it !

But you also need to do something about the missing engine problem, i.e. any 
1. get HelixPlayer into extras-development. (It was dropped from Core and is 
still missing from Extras.)
2. get a stripped-down xine-lib into extras-development (which means you need 
to rip off all the patent-encumbered stuff).
3. get the GStreamer engine to work again (apparently non-trivial, it's too bad 
they removed it instead of doing the maintenance required to keep it working 
(which would probably have been much less work than the feature additions they 
did to the other engines), it worked fine on 1.4.0 Beta 3).

The easiest route is probably "1." (what happened to the review request?), 
though Helix does have its limitations (no FLAC or MPC support despite these 
being unencumbered, no x86_64 support, ...).

        Kevin Kofler

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