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Re: Packages with dependencies to removed mass-rebuild ones

>>>>> "Ville" == Ville Skytt <ville skytta iki fi> writes:

Ville> Here's lists of packages from the FE devel repo that have
Ville> dependencies to ones removed after the mass rebuild.  These are
Ville> queued for removal early next week.  Packages which have
Ville> already been removed are not listed here.

Ville> Packages with dropped/to-be-dropped dependencies:

Ville> amarok amarok-visualisation fbdesk fluxbox fluxconf kadu-amarok
Ville> kinput2 mftrace scim-skk straw uim-skk w3m-el w3m-el-common
Ville> w3m-el-xemacs

Ville> Packages with dropped build dependencies (packages listed above
Ville> not re-listed here):

Ville> curry (ghc) dejavu-fonts (fontforge) lilypond (mftrace)
Ville> linux-libertine-fonts (fontforge) wine (fontforge)

I went ahead and took over fontforge, and pushed out an update.

I'd be happy to hand it off to any other interested party...


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