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Re: Extras packages queued for removal after (non-)rebuild

>>>>> "Nicolas" == Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas mailhot laposte net> writes:

Nicolas> Make sure to check dejavu-lgc-fonts (in core) and
Nicolas> dejavu-fonts (in extras) since the fontconfig bits have
Nicolas> changed a little since FC5 time.

>> Can you be more specific on what changes?

Nicolas> New fontconfig conf file organisation : 1. if these packages
Nicolas> provide a fontconfig conf file it probably needs to be
Nicolas> reviewed and renamed 2. if they don't the system has become
Nicolas> streamlined enough they should get one

None of them provide fontconfig conf files.
How should I go about generating one?

Perhaps you could update a wiki page about font packaging?

It might be nice to have all the fonts follow some "best practices"
guidelines... ?

>> I went ahead and added myself to CC for the above and rebuilt
>> them. However, linux-libertine-fonts Requires: fontforge,

Nicolas> Surely this is a BR there

Yeah, sorry... it's a BuildRequires.

>> which in turn BuildRequires: libuninameslist-devel
>> So, I am going to look at pinging those maintainers and pushing out
>> builds for fc6

Nicolas> You probably want to update the fontconfig snapshot at the
Nicolas> same time

In where? fontconfig is in core...
I did update libuninameslist and fontforge to the latest versions.

Nicolas> Regards,


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