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List of inactive members in cvsextras that will be removed soon


I did a check for inactive extras contributors now that the mass-rebuild
is done. It was agreed on by FESCo that all inactive contributors will
get removed from the cvsextras group in the accountssystem (they won't
have access to extras-cvs in the future due to this) -- they of course
will stay in cladone and can be re-added to cvsextras easily. That will
a new sponsorship-process normally, but FESCo can make exceptions on a
case-by-case basis.

I produced the list with roughly this commands:

> wget -O - -q https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-extras-commits/2006-September.txt.gz https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-extras-commits/2006-August.txt.gz | zcat | grep '^Author: ' | sed 's/Author: //' | tr A-Z a-z | sort | uniq > list_of_active_maintainers
> wget -O - -q 'https://admin.fedora.redhat.com/accounts/dump-group.cgi?group=cvsextras&format=txt' | sed 's/,/ /' | awk '{print $1}' | tr A-Z a-z > list_of_cvsextrasmembers
> diff -u list_of_active_maintainers list_of_cvsextrasmembers   | grep -e '^+' | sed 's/+//' | grep -w -e "buildsys" -e "sopwith" -e "gdk" > list_of_inactive_maintainers
> wget -O - -q 'https://admin.fedora.redhat.com/accounts/dump-group.cgi?group=cvsextras&format=txt' | sed 's/,/ /g' | grep -w -f list_of_inactive_maintainers >list_of_inactive_maintainers_with_mail

Maybe this hit some false-positives. So here is the list up for review
and comments before I go into the accounts system (I'll probably do this
on monday night CEST) and remove people accidentally (people that were
removed accidentally of course will be re-added without going though the
sponsorship process).

Here is the list (some false-positives that I know of were removed:
jspaleta for example), slitted into those with and without redhat.com in
the email-address:

ankit ankit644_AT_yahoo.com Ankit Patel user 0
aoliva oliva_AT_lsd.ic.unicamp.br Alexandre Oliva user 0
bluekuja bluekuja_AT_ubuntu.com Andrea Veri user 0
byte byte_AT_aeon.com.my Colin Charles user 0
cra cra_AT_WPI.EDU Charles R. Anderson user 0
danielm daner964_AT_student.liu.se Daniel Malmgren user 0
davea davea_AT_sucs.org Dave Arter user 0
didier didier_AT_microtronyx.com Didier F.B. Casse user 0
dmoser derrick_moser_AT_yahoo.com Derrick Moser user 0
dnielsen david_AT_lovesunix.net David Nielsen user 0
ellson ellson_AT_research.att.com John Ellson user 0
eyecon DavidHart_AT_TQMcube.com David Cary Hart user 0
gijs gijs_AT_gewis.nl Gijs Hollestelle user 0
hunter thm_AT_duke.edu Hunter Matthews user 0
iprone hula-kevin_AT_iprone.com Kevin Gray user 0
ivazquez ivazquez_AT_ivazquez.net Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams sponsor 4
jjneely jjneely_AT_ncsu.edu Jack Neely user 0
kjcole kjcole_AT_gri.gallaudet.edu Kevin Cole user 0
ksfiles ksfiles_AT_gmail.com Kirby Files user 0
mariuslj mariuslj_AT_student.matnat.uio.no Marius L. Jøhndal sponsor 0
mickael dreadyman_AT_gmail.com Mickael Bailly user 0
mjs menno_AT_freshfoo.com Menno Smits user 0
mpeters mpeters_AT_mac.com Michael A. Peters user 0
noa noa_AT_resare.com Noa Resare user 0
nomis80 nomis80_AT_nomis80.org Simon Perreault user 0
oa oliver.andrich_AT_gmail.com Oliver Andrich user 0
salimma michel.salim_AT_gmail.com Michel Alexandre Salim user 0
smooge smooge_AT_mindspring.com Stephen J Smoogen user 0
symbiont symbiont_AT_berlios.de Jeffrey Robert Pitman user 0
tamaster tamaster_AT_pobox.com Gregory Lynn Houlette user 0
tbandi72 toth_bandi_AT_users.sourceforge.net András Tóth user 0
twillber toniw_AT_iki.fi Toni Willberg user 0

aluchko aluchko_AT_redhat.com Aaron Luchko user 0
behdad besfahbo_AT_redhat.com Behdad Esfahbod user 0
caolanm caolanm_AT_redhat.com Caolan McNamara user 0
davej davej_AT_redhat.com Dave Jones user 0
davidz davidz_AT_redhat.com David Zeuthen user 0
dcantrel dcantrell_AT_redhat.com David Cantrell user 0
dledford dledford_AT_redhat.com Doug Ledford user 0
dwalsh dwalsh_AT_redhat.com Daniel J Walsh user 0
harald harald_AT_redhat.com Harald Hoyer user 0
jmasters jcm_AT_redhat.com Jon Masters user 0
jparsons jparsons_AT_redhat.com Jim Parsons user 0
jrb jrb_AT_redhat.com Jonathan Blandford user 0
kwade kwade_AT_redhat.com Karsten Wade user 0
laroche laroche_AT_redhat.com Florian La Roche user 0
markmc markmc_AT_redhat.com Mark McLoughlin user 0
mharmsen mharmsen_AT_redhat.com Matthew Harmsen user 0
otaylor otaylor_AT_redhat.com Owen Taylor user 0
qshen qshen_AT_redhat.com Qian Shen user 0
qwang qwang_AT_redhat.com Qingyu Wang user 0
riel riel_AT_redhat.com Rik van Riel user 0
rstrode rstrode_AT_redhat.com Ray Strode sponsor 0
sgrubb sgrubb_AT_redhat.com Steve Grubb user 0
sundaram sundaram_AT_redhat.com Rahul Sundaram user 0
tfox tfox_AT_redhat.com Tammy Fox user 0
than than_AT_redhat.com Than Ngo user 0
twaugh twaugh_AT_redhat.com Tim Waugh user 0
veillard veillard_AT_redhat.com Daniel Veillard sponsor 7
walters walters_AT_redhat.com Colin Walters user 0

Tell me if there are any contributors in this list that should stay in
cvsextras. tia!


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