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Re: repo layout for EPEL (Re: Initial Proposal for doing Enterprise Extras)

On 24/09/06, Tom 'spot' Callaway <tcallawa redhat com> wrote:
The idea of a "testing" repo doesn't work. Very few users want to be a
guinea pig, even fewer enterprise users have time to be a guinea pig. It
will get virtually no use, and when you move it from "testing" to
official, and it still is broken, you're going to have mislead users
into thinking that some sort of formalized QA process occurred.

User> Hey, why didn't this work right? It went through "testing"?

This is pretty much why we dropped "testing" repos from Fedora.

I think the testing repos are still there for Core.

Although they don't get heavy testing, they still get some. Also, they
seem to be very useful during bug fixing - I've sometimes seen package
maintainers say "please try the updated version in updates-testing to
see if that fixes this bug". It'd be good to still have that.


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