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Re: rpmforge and {enterprise, } Extras (Was Re: Initial Proposal for doing Enterprise Extras=

On Sun, 24 Sep 2006, Jonathan Underwood wrote:
Well, in the past, as I understand it, the goals of FE and rpmforge
have been very different, making a merge not really on the table.
Notably, as stated in the rpmforge FAQ, the difference between
rpmforge and FE is

"The biggest difference is that we provide packages for a range of
distributions including older Red Hat distributions, Red Hat
Enterprise Linux and others (eg. CentOS, Aurora) and different
architectures. If you expect to use both Fedora and Red Hat your
safest bet is RPMforge. Of course you can mix both, if you like."

While the Aurora part was true not too long ago, it hasn't been true as of Aurora 2.0; our own Dennis Gilmore has been doing a phenomenal job of rebuilding Extras for Aurora. Thanks Dennis! And if we start providing packages for Enterprise distros, that fundamental difference isn't particularly significant anymore. (Other differences there might be...well, that's another story.)


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