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Re: repo layout for EPEL (Re: Initial Proposal for doing Enterprise Extras)

Dennis Gilmore wrote:
On Sunday 24 September 2006 2:48 pm, Karanbir Singh wrote:

that looks good to me, with one change. Move testing to under the
{release}/ so it becomes el4/{testing,stable}/{arch}/ - makes life a lot
easier for Rsync targets.
how so ? if i dont want testing i can add --exclude=testing and i wont get it in either scheme if dont want el4 but want testing --exclude=el4 will work also how does adding your extra layer make it easier for rsync?

i think we should stay consistent with the existing extras layout.

good point. However, these packages are not going to be used on Fedora, they will make their way over to the EL tree's where it might make more sense to have a consistent .repo layout with the rest of the distro / repo's ?

CentOS already has everything per Release, and looks like RHN is going the same way with el5.

Karanbir Singh : http://www.karan.org/ : 2522219 icq

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