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Packages in need of a rebuild just before the release.


there are some packages that eithe rwork in rawhide or in a release,
these are packages that contain config information to the repos,
e.g. yum/apt/smart. yum is taken care of in fedora core, but the other
two are in fedora extras and maintained by me.

I'd like to postpone make them release ready as much as possible, as
that will render the packages useless in rawhide. But I don't want to
miss some freezing/forking date and suddenly have FC6 point to rawhide
... :/

When/How should I make the packages FC6 ready? Perhaps there could be
a fork in CVS before the release, so I could fix the FC-6 branch? That
sounds like the cleanest approach, but I understand that the whole
release process - branching/forking/buildsystems - is complicated
enough to insert a pause for someone to rebuild two packages, so
perhaps just shortly before would be the best practical way.

Who is managing the release process BTW (of fedora extras)? Is that
Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net

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