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Re: repo layout for EPEL (Re: Initial Proposal for doing Enterprise Extras)

Rahul wrote:
Karanbir Singh wrote:

Also, one point we need to still keep in mind is that *all* of these packages have already seen light+life on FedoraCore{something}, and there isnt any testing-repo there, so its pretty much anyone using the pkg, and doing his/her yum updates regularly, like every good child should, has been eaten/bitten/suckered by most of the bugs. { or do I live in false hope ? }

Fedora Core has a testing repository. Fedora Extras and EPEL should have one too. Nobody uses the testing repository, so we will skip that process is a lame idea.

I agree, on the point of a testing repository. What I was trying to say, perhaps not clearly enough, was that since these packages would have already seen action via the FedoraExtras repo's, the criteria setup for moving from Testing to Stable repo's should take that into consideration.

- KB
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