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Extras for FC6 rebuild status

Extras for FC6 rebuild status:

67 packages remain removed from the package repository due to not being
rebuilt/reclaimed: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras/FC6Status

Things changed over the weekend, and there are currently no packages
that depend on those pending for removal, good.  (Except for curry, but
I gather ghc will be taken care of soon.)

However, there's still a few packages whose status is somewhat unclear
in the devel repo - these need to be properly unorphaned in order for
them to stay in FE6:

- ddclient (Josh Boyer?)
- libvisual-plugins (Thomas Vander Stichele?)
- python-twisted (Thomas Vander Stichele?)

Nothing appears to depend on ddclient or libvisual-plugins, but these
have dependencies on python-twisted: buildbot, flumotion, pyicq-t,
python-cvstoys.  Nothing appears to require those.

Overall, I think things are starting to look pretty good.  The latest
broken dependencies reports have also been remarkably shorter than they
have used to be.  Let's just iron out the last few bits and I think
we'll be in pretty good shape for FC6.

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