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Re: Extras for FC6 rebuild status


> - libvisual-plugins (Thomas Vander Stichele?)

I do not intend to maintain it, I just gave it a kick to jump from 0.2.0
to 0.4.0.  This package had broken yum upgrade for people for over 40
days, which one could take as a failure of the system in some way.  (But
I'm sure people know my opinion about the fact that yum upgrade gives up
as soon as the smallest dependency problem is found)

There are two open bugs open about that, but for some reason I could not
actually comment on them.  Its maintainer recently mailed the various
lists that he was going to stop maintaining his packages, so it's now
effectively orphaned.

> - python-twisted (Thomas Vander Stichele?)

This one is a lot more tricky.  With the 2.0 release of twisted, Twisted
was split up in over 10 separate tarballs.  While I'm happy with the
modularity, it does mean that it is unclear how to upgrade it in Extras.

I had submitted an initial packaging to Bugzilla:
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=171543 but haven't
managed to convince enough people to look at it yet, and I'm still not
sure if there is a way for me to push this as an upgrade of the existing
python-twisted package (note that the collection of these packages,
together with the python-twisted rpm - whic his now an umbrella
package), it should be a complete drop-in replacement, and it works with
flumotion and buildbot)

The current plan for this is as follows:
- each of these packages is going to be submitted as a new package for
devel Extras
- they can hit the repository step by step since python-twisted is
currently not in devel
- when the whole stack is in place, we could consider doing a push to
FC5 as well (which I would really like to see happen)

Does that sound sane ?


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