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Re: owners.list to PackageDB translation status and opinions

Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
Hey guys,

I'm working on a script to parse owners.list and import it into the new
PackageDB.  So far, the biggest hurdle has been that some email
addresses in owners.list do not match with the email addresses in the
accounts system.  I've tracked most of these down with a few exceptions
and caveats.

extras-qa [] fedoraproject.org: This is the initial qa contact that is
entered into bugzilla for bugs on a package.  I'd like to discard this
information and start fresh in the new packageDB.  If a qa-contact
should be applied to the package then it should be entered for each
package, otherwise there will be no qa-contact.  If we are currently
using extras-qa to do something useful please let me know so we can work
out what's sane to do here.

extras-orphan [] fedoraproject.org: For orphaned packages.  I think
we're going to create an orphan account to fill this.

Is there any particular reason this should be changed from nobody [] fedoraproject.org?


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