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Re: Summary - Broken dependencies in Fedora Extras - 2006-09-26

On Wed, Sep 27, 2006 at 07:45:00AM +0200, Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> Fact is: The OpenMotif packages had been around during the mass rebuild.
> Release management has failed to remove them in time - lack of
> coordination between FC and FE.

In my opinion it is more than lack of coordination. There is a will 
to remove completly openmotif from fedora core for FC-6 whatever the 
temporary breakages are. Another symptom is that an important package 
coming from core, ddd, is (in my opinion) still not ready for inclusion 
in extras although it was allready more or less approved. And lastly 
there is no openmotif package packaged which would have contained 
shared libs only and would have eased the transition a lot.

As I repeated allready lot of times, doing the transition so abruptly,
especially when there are very easy possiblities to do otherwise is 
detrimental for the users. 

The transition could easily be smoothened by shipping a package 
containing the openmotif libs only; even better and not hard would have
been making parallele installable packages except for -devel subpackage
which would have conflict. Making completly parallel packages 
isn't impossible, though it may be more difficult and less easy to use.


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