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Re: Packages with dependencies to removed mass-rebuild ones

Kevin Kofler wrote:

> But you also need to do something about the missing engine problem, i.e.
> any of:
> 1. get HelixPlayer into extras-development. (It was dropped from Core and
> is still missing from Extras.)


> 2. get a stripped-down xine-lib into extras-development (which means you
> need to rip off all the patent-encumbered stuff).


> 3. get the GStreamer engine to work again (apparently non-trivial, it's
> too bad they removed it instead of doing the maintenance required to keep
> it working (which would probably have been much less work than the feature
> additions they did to the other engines), it worked fine on 1.4.0 Beta 3).

That's upstream job. As a packager, I respect their quality control choices.

> The easiest route is probably "1." (what happened to the review request?),
> though Helix does have its limitations (no FLAC or MPC support despite
> these being unencumbered, no x86_64 support, ...).

Yes, but (2) would be a much better long-term solution. It needs to go
through Legal, though, which can take time.

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No, I coded it crappily on purpose, just so that I could say:
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