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Re: Pulse audio?

On Fri, 2006-09-29 at 11:31 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
I vaguely remember these problems but I'm not sure how I solved them

> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> Running it as non-root user
> # pulseaudio
> main.c: WARNING: called SUID root, but not in group 'realtime'.
> main.c: Failed to create '/tmp/pulse-sundaram': Operation not permitted
What happens if you create the directory /tmp/pulse-sundaram?  (This
isn't the solution but I think it led me to realize something -- My /tmp
is a tmpfs so I would have to be creating it in a startup script
everytime which isn't the case.)

> Running it as root user
> # pulseaudio
> main.c: This program is not intended to be run as root (unless --system 
> is specified).
> module-alsa-sink.c: Error opening PCM device hw:0: Device or resource busy
> module.c: Failed to load  module "module-alsa-sink" (argument: 
> "device=hw:0 sink_name=alsa_output.pci_8086_24d5_alsa_playback_0"): 
> initialization failed.
> socket-server.c: bind(): Address already in use
> module.c: Failed to load  module "module-esound-protocol-unix" 
> (argument: ""): initialization failed.
> main.c: Module load failed.
> main.c: failed to initialize daemon.
I eventually added it via the gnome sessions interface so it's not
running as root.  (Although I look at the sessions control panel now and
there's no mention of pulseaudio anywhere....)

Are you running esd or artsd?  Maybe that's locking the device files or
the esd socket (so pulse can be compatible with all the esd consumers).


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