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Re: pan orphaned - willing to volunteer for maintainership

Steve Fox schrieb:

On Sun, 2006-09-24 at 19:51 +0200, Alexander Dalloz wrote:

What should be done? There are 2 possible routes I see:
a) Keeping the beta / development upstream and doing a pan FE update rebuild from 0.99 -> 0.113. b) Increasing the epoch to get the same stable release version of FE5 and FE4 into devel / soon to be released FE6.

This is a call for votes - especially by those of you using Pan.

I've been using Pan on an almost daily basis throughout the 0.1xx series
to read the Linux kernel mailing list and related groups via gmane.org.
I've been building from source and find it to be quite stable and
significantly faster than 0.14.x (this could have something to do with
the customizable article expiration feature). 0.112 is the version I've
been using for the last couple of weeks and I'm upgrading to 0.114
It would be my preference to go with the beta series, as they are coming
out fast and furious. I think 1.0 will be here soon. If not, it'd be an
easy update from the beta after FC6 ships.

Thanks, I really appreciate your feedback. I think I'll follow your advise and update the devel tree FE package these days.


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