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Re: [buildsys@fedoraproject.org: Build Error (Job 26895): torque-2_1_6-2_fc7 on fedora-development-extras]

Garrick Staples wrote:
On Sat, Feb 03, 2007 at 03:04:11PM -0800, Wart alleged:
garrick wrote:
Any TCL experts around?  I've never seen this error message before, and
google doesn't find much.

I'm just doing a rebuild because of tcl8.5 with no other changes.  It
builds fine under mock with fedora-devel-i386, but fails all 3 arches in
plague.  I even confirmed my fake root was using the same nvr tcl/tk
packages as plague.

I've been able to reproduce this in a local mock build. It seems to only occur when I run tclsh from the Makefile, but not when run by hand. I'm still trying to find a solution or workaround...

Thanks for checking.  I'm glad that at least someone else can trigger
the problem.

One more data point, but no solution: A FC7-i386 mock build fails on a FC6-x86_64 build host, but succeeds on a FC7-i386 build host. I haven't been able to get gdb to work in the FC7 mock chroot on the FC6-x86_64 build host (is this even possible?), so it's been a little tricky to track this down.


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