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New new package process SUCKS! (read please)

Hi all,

I just went through my first new package under the new process (aka package no 100, so I'm experienced in this). The mail below may seem flamebate but it is mean't very seriously, so please take it seriously.

And the new process SUCKS!

First of all as discussed earlier the new review with flags is both unclear / not very well documented and much more work then it used to be, without any clear arguments why we needed a new process in the first place -> SUCKS

Then I wanted todo an import an it failed as I first needed to be in owners.list and that requires manual intervention by an CVS admin, so now I have the feeling that I need a CVS admin for any fart I want todo -> SUCKS

The new ACL design is broken, the ACL's shouldn't work by owners.list, but instead by putting the owner in the acl in the initial import and then owners.list would "just" be used for bugzilla and not for CVS access / ACL, which in turn means that then anyone could be given rights to owners.list as things were -> problem solved. I know things are probably not that easy. But the current solution is not a solution its a cure worse then the disease! IOW it SUCKS!



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