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RFC: FAS E-mail == Bugzilla E-mail?

In automating processes needed for the Fedora VCS <-> Package Database <-> Bugzilla, we frequently hit an extreme annoyance that is slowing us down. The e-mail address registered in Fedora Account System (FAS) accounts do not always match those of Bugzilla accounts.

It would *greatly* simplify our ability to move forward with needed infrastructure improvements if the two were unified.

Proposal: All FAS accounts must match Bugzilla account addresses

1) Most users are already fine.
2) Those users who do not yet match, they have the option of either:
   a) Change their FAS e-mail address.
b) Change their Bugzilla address. (this requires a one-time change by dkl in the Bugzilla database)

- owners.list contains FAS account names instead of arbitrary e-mail addresses.
- Those account names can be directly used by the VCS ACL
- Simplified view in Package Database

Key question
Is this an unreasonable requirement?  Please comment.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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