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Re: hunspell dictionaries, do I have to make 28 review request ?

>>>>> "CM" == Caolan McNamara <caolanm redhat com> writes:

CM> I mean, I don't *really* mind making 27 separate package reviews,
CM> but we've got a lot of package reviews outstanding already and it
CM> just seems a little time-consuming to rinse and repeat so many
CM> times rather than handle them all as one single request.

We really want to have a review URL to put in the package database,
and I don't know that we've ever allowed multiple packages to be
reviewed in a single ticket.

So rather than having to go through a bunch of discussion to make new
policy, it might just be simpler for someone to review the first one,
then waste ten minutes in front of bugzilla entering "This is packaged
identically to the first one; see (URL).  APPROVED".  (Of course, they
should be checking to make sure that's actually the case.)

 - J<

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