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FESCo Meeting Summary for 2007-02-08

Members Present
      * Brian Pepple (bpepple) 
      * Thorsten Leemhuis (thl) 
      * Warren Togami (warren) 
      * Jeremy Katz (jeremy) 
      * Christian Iseli (ch4chris) 
      * Toshio Kuratomi (abadger1999) 
      * Jason Tibbitts (tibbs) 
      * Tom Callaway (spot) 
      * Dennis Gilmore (dgilmore) 
      * Bill Nottingham (notting) 
      * Rex Dieter (rdieter) 
      * Josh Boyer (jwb) 
      * Kevin Fenzi (nirik) 
      * Jesse Keating (f13) 
      * Andreas Bierfert (awjb) 
== Summary ==
THL Leaving
      * thl is leaving FESCo due to possible conflicts with his day job.
        FESCo would like to thank Thorsten for all his hard work while
        he was on FESCo. Thanks! BTW: here's a link to his blog entry
        about leaving FESCo:

Core/Extras Merge
      * FESCo will wait a week before making a decision regarding the
        Core Review process, to get further feedback from the
      * Currently waiting for the new build system (Koji), which is
        still going through legal in regard to it's licensing. 
      * thl worked on the proposal and adjusted the wording. He'll send
        it to FESCo members for review, and then to the public mailing
      * The plan is to modify cvs-import to 1) give a warning 2) provide
        a diff 3) make a cvs comment mandatory. 
Incompatible package upgrade policy
      * Maintainers should be aware of the effects that changes to their
        packages may have, and should alert other maintainers on the
        mailing list of updates which contain ABI or API changes which
        may cause dependency problems for other packages.  This is
        covered in the Maintainer Responsibilities policy proposal.
      * In the future, the new updates system will not let repo breakage
Packaging Committee Report
      * FESCo didn't have any objections to the Packaging Committee's
        guidelines regarding: 
             1. non-pear PHP extension paths 
             2. desktop files -
             3. makeinstall clarification -
             4. Making the suggested buildroot mandatory 
             5. All binaries must be built from source -
             6. buildrequires clarification -
      * There was a discussion whether to have acl's enabled by default
        on new packages. 
      * notting discussed that FAB had recently talked about firmware
        which would require: 
             1. make up a license tag for non-modifiable firmware for
                easy finding for users 
             2. modify the EULA to add an exception clause for firmware
                (similar to the one currently for trademarked logos) 
             3. release note the eula change 
             4. start poking vendors 
      * jeremy mentioned that the bugzilla update script from
        owners.list should be running every 4 hours now. 
For full IRC log:

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