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Re: For your dining pleasure.. i give you experimental packages of usbsink

On 2/11/07, nodata <lsof nodata co uk> wrote:
Interesting. Does it use librsync under the hood?

not at the moment... something to bring up with the upstream developer.
from the website's stated plans using libsync in future versions isnt
out of the question.

What is super-keen about it is it basically provides a digestable
enduser solution for
backing up personal data. Something the desktop experience really
needs, I think. usbsink may not be the right solution long term..but
it may very well be the best solution right now. Its worth a serious
kick of its tires.  I was sort of hoping the hal/dbus-guruish people
would look at it and comment.  Hell even the oh-so-very-cute WD MyBook
usb/firewire drives come with software to let windows users to do
exactly this sort of thing using the mybook drive.

-jef"totally wants a way to push the button on his WD Mybook drive
casing and have it start a personal data backup process as part of his
Gnome Session. I wonder does linux even 'see' the button press
action...where the hell would i look to see if linux sees me press the

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