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Re: libInventor.so.0.0.0: bug or feature?

On Wed, 14 Feb 2007, Laurent Rineau wrote:

Having libXXX.so.0.0.0 as soversion probably means that the somajor and
soversion are not set by the upstream developers (GNU/autotools defaults the
soversion to 0.0.0). It probably means that next release of the library will
have the same set of somajor/soversion, whatever is the binary compatibility
of that release with the previous one.

The typical way to use this during early development is to release libfoo-1.0.so.0, then libfoo-1.1.so.0 etc, as a marker that the package is pre-alpha.

However it should be noticed that library versioning is so hairy and unproperly undocumented that 90% of developers invariably get it wrong the first time and also later. So they often need education. I have myself needed much education on this and I still do mistakes... So give advice and patches to upstream.


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