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Re: libInventor.so.0.0.0: bug or feature?

On Wed, 2007-02-14 at 07:35 +0100, Linus Walleij wrote:
> On Wed, 14 Feb 2007, Laurent Rineau wrote:
> > Having libXXX.so.0.0.0 as soversion probably means that the somajor and
> > soversion are not set by the upstream developers (GNU/autotools defaults the
> > soversion to 0.0.0). It probably means that next release of the library will
> > have the same set of somajor/soversion, whatever is the binary compatibility
> > of that release with the previous one.
> The typical way to use this during early development is to release 
> libfoo-1.0.so.0, then libfoo-1.1.so.0 etc, as a marker that the package is 
> pre-alpha.
There exist different ways of naming share libraries.

What you describe above is one way of doing so. 

I prefer using the "libtool way" (cf. info libtool versioning), i.e.
libXXX.so -> libXXX.so.X (SONAME) -> libXXX.so.X.Y.Z

This is the way the vast majority of shared libs are versioned on Linux.

> However it should be noticed that library versioning is so hairy and 
> unproperly undocumented that 90% of developers invariably get it wrong the 
> first time and also later.
The reason is simple: There is no "nominal standard".

 There exist several ways of versioning shared libraries, all with pros
and cons. There exist different personal preferences, mostly stemming
from a person's and a package's history.

>  So they often need education. I have myself 
> needed much education on this and I still do mistakes... So give advice 
> and patches to upstream.

ROTFL - Inventor is an elderly, former "monster package" SGI had sold
for $$$$ during the 1990's and had released LGPL'ed ca. in 2000.
They had been responsive to patches/fixes in subsequent years, but since
ca. 2003 their responsiveness has stalled.

In other words, this is "dead-stable" code without an active upstream
nor development. De facto, everything is in "keep-alive" maintenance by
Linux distros keeping their packages going and them occasionally
mutually harvesting/exchanging their patches and modifications.
I.e. the de facto upstream are Debian and Fedora (i.e. me).

The 0.0.0 in this particular case originates from Debian, because the
original sources from SGI did not apply any SONAME.


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