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Re: libInventor.so.0.0.0: bug or feature?

On 2/14/07, Ralf Corsepius <rc040203 freenet de> wrote:
>  So they often need education. I have myself
> needed much education on this and I still do mistakes... So give advice
> and patches to upstream.

ROTFL - Inventor is an elderly, former "monster package" SGI had sold
for $$$$ during the 1990's and had released LGPL'ed ca. in 2000.
They had been responsive to patches/fixes in subsequent years, but since
ca. 2003 their responsiveness has stalled.

And given they just re-emerged from bankrupt, I seriously doubt it
will ever improve...

In other words, this is "dead-stable" code without an active upstream
nor development. De facto, everything is in "keep-alive" maintenance by
Linux distros keeping their packages going and them occasionally
mutually harvesting/exchanging their patches and modifications.
I.e. the de facto upstream are Debian and Fedora (i.e. me).

And I thank you both for that...
I was actaully pretty impressed by the 219Kb (bzipped) applied
"monster patch" :)

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